Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sometimes I wonder

I've been reading both past and present reviews on The Friends of Eddie Coyle, and sometimes I wonder if some of these critics have actually even seen the movie.  For instance, a few of them have described the character Jackie Brown (played by Steven Keats),  as "stupid""incredibly dumb"  "naive" and/or "spaced out".   In all fairness, that may be how some of them viewed the character, but it seems to me - and this is only my personal opinion - that they either didn't have a chance to see the movie, or they were in a rush to review and were only relying on clips.  Whatever the case, I don't know.

I found the character Jackie Brown to be extremely street savvy and smart ~ look how he outfoxed and turned the tables on the group of guys, who during one deal, were trying to ambush him. Pretty impressive!  He was rough around the edges because he had to be, but he was professional, honest, and he knew his merchandise inside and out.  He was far from being high and was unfortunately, quite leery and weary - always feeling every single jagged inch of the steely-sharp-edged blade of stone cold reality - prompting him to say lines like, "This life's hard man, but it's harder if you're stupid!" and "Life is hard, lover."    Jackie Brown also had a flare and style all his own.  That is the impression I got from the character.....and so did a majority of the reviewers.

Anyway I just wanted to put in my two cents. I appreciate the difference of opinions, as that is what makes life interesting, but it just seemed to me that a small handful of movie reviewers/critics - who were commenting on Jackie Brown - hadn't actually seen the movie.

That's all, dolls.  Thanks for reading.


"This life's hard man, but it's harder if you haven't actually seen the movie!' 


Glasses Galore!

The glasses thing....I'm so lovin' it!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Keats Kuotes

Early years; on growing up.....

"I always felt like the oddball out. I didn't think the way everybody thought.  I didn't behave the way everybody behaved.  I never did anything the way everybody else did."

Early career; on Yale Drama School

"The formalized approach to acting wasn't for me, and not being one to want to follow anyone's rules, I left after eight months." 

-Steven Keats

Do not cross that yellow line!

Yellow tape, red tape, it's all the same...and totally annoying!

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