Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Steven as Jackie Brown sealin' some deals in "The Friends of Eddie Coyle"

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I'm a big fan of the late, great actor Steven Keats and I wanted to start a page in his memory. One day I plan to create a regular website for Steven but until I can arrange & manage that, I'll have this page. I'll be sharing my poetry, song lyrics, dreams and thoughts on him. I'll also include photos & videos I've found online from his performances.  If anyone would like to contribute to this site please feel free to email me: astraltravelingal@gmail.com .....(only one "g" in astraltravelingal).

Steven Keats was born ( Steven Keitz ) on February 6, 1945 in the South Bronx,  the son of Jewish immigrants and grew up in Carnasie, Brooklyn New York.  His education included attending and graduating from The School of Performing Arts in New York and then later on, The Yale School of Drama. He also served in Vietnam with the Air Force in 1965 and 1966. He went on to work in numerous theater productions which eventually led to his being cast in his first movie role as gun dealer Jackie Brown in "The Friends of Eddie Coyle." After that, his career skyrocketed and he appeared in countless tv shows and movies throughout the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s.  He also continued to perform in the theater.  He died of an apparent suicide in May of 1994 . 

Steven Keats was one of the most brilliant, popular and prolific actors ever.  He was charismatic, alarmingly handsome and incredibly versatile. For me, he was like one of those very rare and beautiful multi-colored sunsets; the kind that takes your breath away. Its only here for a short while and then its gone...far too soon. However, Steven left behind a lot for us to enjoy and remember him by.  I hope in time more information, interviews, articles, rare photos, documentaries & performance clips will be available on this wonderful actor. He is very much loved and missed!

A VERY vivid dream I had about Steven about a year ago......

Long Distance Call

Last night I had a dream
In colors of white and blue
I was talking on an old fashioned rotary phone

On a long distance call from you
You told me you were "still alive but in a different way"
And that there were "other realms and that this was only the first phase"
Then suddenly you were there in front of me

You were bright, a light and shining excited
It seemed so real and true
And then I awoke from the dream

I wonder, was that really you?

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Steven Keats - rockin' it in Kojak / episode "Therapy in Dynamite"

Click on the link to watch his stellar performance....

( http://www.hulu.com/watch/31/kojak-therapy-in-dynamite )

By the way, if anyone knows how I can see Steven in TOMA: episode "50% of Normal" and also, CANNON: episode "The Prisoner" - please let me know!

Sunrise 45

Sunrise 45 (Song lyrics I wrote for Steven.)

Sunrise 1945 Sunset 1994
Now a sparkling star in the midnight sky
That'll shine forever more

You are my favorite actor
The greatest of all time
You created so many different characters
No two were ever alike

Whenever you are on the screen
All eyes turn to you
You can outshine anyone
Just by doing what you do

You deserve your very own star
On the Hollywood walk of fame
And many Oscars and Emmy's too
I'm so proud to know your name

Yours was a rare, unique and prolific talent
And I always hear people say

what a stellar actor you were
whenever your shows replay

I smile at sunrise 45
I cry at sunset 94
And I'm in love with a light I see every night
From a star that glows so very bright
And that beautiful star is yours

Copyright © 2010 OneMeditator

Somewhere Back in Time

These are song lyrics I wrote for Steven. 

Somewhere back in time

Somewhere in the 70s
Yeah somewhere back in time
You're shooting a tv show-
Playing a charismatic, cool bad guy

Yeah somewhere in the 80s
and in the early 90s too
You're doing your movies, plays and shows
and I'm in awe and still watching you

If I had a time machine
that could bring me back to you
I would tell you how much I love & admire you
and how I'm so inspired by you
Maybe dreams are time machines
and my wishes have all come true!

Somewhere in 2011
I'm reading your donated scripts
and reading all of the notes you wrote
trying to catch even a glimpse

of the real you...
(of beautiful, wonderful you...)

If I had a time machine
that could bring me back to you
I would tell you how much I love & admire you
and how I'm so inspired by you

Maybe dreams are time machines
and my wishes have all come true!

and somewhere back in time,
I'm finally meeting you....

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