Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sunrise 45

Sunrise 45 (Song lyrics I wrote for Steven.)

Sunrise 1945 Sunset 1994
Now a sparkling star in the midnight sky
That'll shine forever more

You are my favorite actor
The greatest of all time
You created so many different characters
No two were ever alike

Whenever you are on the screen
All eyes turn to you
You can outshine anyone
Just by doing what you do

You deserve your very own star
On the Hollywood walk of fame
And many Oscars and Emmy's too
I'm so proud to know your name

Yours was a rare, unique and prolific talent
And I always hear people say

what a stellar actor you were
whenever your shows replay

I smile at sunrise 45
I cry at sunset 94
And I'm in love with a light I see every night
From a star that glows so very bright
And that beautiful star is yours

Copyright © 2010 OneMeditator

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