Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Day at the Bookstore

I was at my favorite bookstore today having a Starbucks coffee and reading through some random books. I read a few things that made me think of Steven...

The first quote is from a book by Ruth Fishel called:
'Hang in 'Til the Miracle Happens'
She dedicates this book to her son:

"To my dear, loving, generous and much
talented son, Bob Fishel (1963-1992) who could not wait for the next miracle.
May your pain be transformed into healing energy for all of those who still suffer on this earth."

and then this next quote, believe it or not, out of a Regis Philbin book:

"Our quietest heroes, much more than you think, make the loudest impact of all" 

These heartfelt words really moved me and since they reflect how I feel about Steven, I wanted to share them.

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