Sunday, May 13, 2012

Regarding my earlier 'Vietnam Veterans Day' post

In an earlier post both here and on my other blog on Vietnam Veterans,  I had also mentioned/posted a music video that came out in the 1980s about the Vietnam War and Veterans.  I had suggested after watching the video, that people should google the lyrics.  I have had a couple of people send me messages saying they can't find them.  This should help: The artist's name is Paul Hardcastle and the song is called '19' (or you can spell it out in search 'Nineteen', etc).  You'll be able to find the lyrics now. (I've also included the video over here as well (in the earlier Veterans post) and have added a couple of updates at the very end). 

Also, in an earlier blog post, I shared a link to an interview with Steven called,  ''A Life as Intense as His Role"  (where he talks about his experience in Vietnam).  Someone told me that the online version has a lot of type o's and a portion of it may be missing. If that's the case, then I suggest you read it on microfilm at a library (in order to get the entire interview). 

Thanks so much for writing & for caring about our veterans! 

One veteran's quote:

"I went over to Vietnam politically unaware and returned a pacifist.  I came back knowing that war has nothing to do with good or bad, right or wrong.  It simply has to do with economics - and the big bosses make us do their fighting."

"For some guys, it was the end of their life either figuratively or  literally ."

-Steven Keats
(On spending "two years too many" in the combat zone of Vietnam).

Update -Two links someone kindly emailed to me:

 Updated/10/21/12 additional links:

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