Saturday, June 16, 2012

Steven speaks

The interviews are out there!

The other day, I found a very in depth interview with Steven (one I'd never read or posted about before).  He opens up completely, going into incredible detail about his life, career & feelings.  It was so wonderful to finally get to know this amazing actor on an even deeper level - and in his very own words!  I hope in time there will be much more out there on him such as; video clips of interviews, audio clips from radio shows, a long with any video of him performing on the stage. I'd love to see him in one of his plays!  Anyway, I just wanted to pass a long that little reminder to fellow fans & fanettes - library article & microfilm archives are Fab & the searches only take seconds. 

Something sweet
On the first page of the interview I read, there was a beautiful photo of Steven smiling in the seventies sunshine, happy & relaxed in NY's Central Park. 


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