Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Steven, Hester Street....

and a few suggestions for newer fans...

I remember watching the special features section of the 'Hester Street' movie DVD a while back and in it, the filmmakers were discussing the making of the movie and the casting.  I don't recall  her exact wording (so I'll paraphrase) but Joan Micklin Silver was discussing how actors who were first being considered for the role of Jake, had actually shied away from the role because they felt the character was too dark.  And just recently, I was reading a post on IMDB's board from a viewer who actually turned the movie off because they were too "repelled" by Jake.  Amazing!  I can't even imagine turning off a movie or turning down a role for that reason.  After all, that's just part of real l*i*f*e.  Anyway, along came Steven Keats, an actor who was not at all afraid to explore every area of a character's make up, tap into that deep well, and deliver. As we all know, he ended up playing the role of Gitl's husband, Jake.  

One of the things that made Steven such a great actor, was the fact that his heart, mind and soul - his entire "instrument" - was wide open and he poured all he had into every character he played.  This was a wonderful script to begin with but I just can't imagine this movie without Steven Keats in it.  He breathed so much life into every project he was involved in whether it was stage, movies or television. Joan was also saying how it was Steven who suggested that Bill Bolcom do the music for the movie, and so he ended up doing the score. The score was absolutely perfect, and so was the casting (which included Carol Kane, Dorrie Kavanaugh among other wonderful actors).  If you're a newer fan of Steven's,  I highly suggest you start out by watching Steven in 'Hester Street'.  Right after that, continue with  'The Friends of Eddie Coyle' (my all-time personal favorite Steven movie!) where he shines as the flamboyant, colorful and clever gun dealer Jackie Brown.  Then be very sure to watch him in an episode of Kojak called, 'Therapy in Dynamite' and in the episode of Toma called '50% of Normal'.   (For a fuller list of Steven's credits, visit his IMDB page for TV/movies and then his Broadway page for stage credits).  There is so much to see him in!

Steven was one of the best actors ever on stage and screen. He was never the same in any of the roles he played and he changed entirely for each individual new character.  He had a real love for the craft of acting and was completely devoted to it. He didn't always get the credit and recognition that he so deserved, such as Oscars and Emmy awards for his stellar performances, but perhaps the true and most meaningful awards - and rewards - are given in the soul-satisfaction you feel deep down in your heart, when you're doing what you truly love in life.  And that is what Steven was doing...acting/performing.  Perhaps one day, we'll also be able to see his work on the stage (via video) - as we have been able to so many times in movies and television.  

Lastly, in one of my very first blog posts here, I present Steven with a well deserved Oscar and  Emmy for a few of his performances and then also, with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.  The star might not be "real" but the feeling behind it is!  

Thanx for reading!


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