Monday, February 18, 2013

Starring & guest starring: Steven

Here are some guest starring, lead and supporting roles, Steven would have been fabulous in.  (Some of these movies and TV shows came out after 1994 but as I watch them, I can still totally "see" him in some of the different roles.)  I would have loved to have seen him in:


All in the Family 
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Bob Newhart
Sanford and Son
The Jeffersons
The (original) Twilight Zone
Night Gallery (Rod Serling's other show)
Hogan's Heroes
The Sopranos
Six Feet Under
Curb Your Enthusiasm (w/ Larry David)   
News Radio (w/ Phil Hartman)
The Pacific (the Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks mini-series HBO) 
Family Ties 
The Big Valley
Get Smart
I Dream of Jeanie
The Equalizer 
Little House on the Prairie 


Talk Radio
Glengarry Glen Ross  
Blood Simple
Body Double
Flashdance (Michael Nouri's role)
Jagged Edge
Mike's Murder (w/Debra Winger) 
The Accidental Tourist
The Firm
9 1/2 Weeks
Looking for Mr. Goodbar
Fatal Vision  (mini-series/movie)
American Gigolo
An Officer and a Gentleman
Ghosts of Mississippi
The Big Chill
Coming Home (w/ Jane Fonda)
The Green Mile
Crimes and Misdemeanors (w/Woody Allen)
Husbands and Wives (w/Woody Allen)
Wall Street
Ordinary People 
A Civil Action 
The Rose 
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Tim Curry's role) 
Mash (Robert Altman movie - '70) 

When you're watching the movies,  you'll be able to tell exactly which role Steven would have been perfect in, lead or supporting.  I'm also a big watcher of independent films and so there are many of those, which I won't even begin to list, that he would have been good in too.  

Steven was such an amazing actor because he was in touch with all sides of himself;  his dark side, light side, comedic side,  and deeply passionate side.  He had a great sensitivity and a unique rhythm as an actor, which he would tap into and adjust, from role to role.  I can only imagine what movie/TV/stage projects he would have gone on to act in, direct & produce!

I'll definitely be editing/adding to this list, as I do with all of my posts, since I often think of more things after the fact.   

Thanks for reading. 


Also starring:  OneMeditator

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