Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Master of disguise

Somewhere in suburbia, a lady's doorbell rings.....

"Mornin' ma'am.  Pardon me for the trouble but we've been on the lookout for a master of disguise, a brilliant character actor by the name of Steven Keats.  He's been seen around the area lately, randomely showing up on people's doorsteps.  We don't have a wanted poster or a solid description yet because he has been known to change his appearance drastically, from role to role, sometimes within a matter of only seconds.  However, there is one definining feature of his that reportedly never changes.  According to all witnesses, he has a big gap between his two front teeth and has an extremely charming and handsome smile.  The department strongly suggests that everyone be on the lookout by viewing all of his television shows and movies..." 

"So please call us if he happens to show up at your door.  Thank you so kindly for your time ma' have a lovely day now!" 

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