Monday, September 23, 2013

Outstanding Lead Actor

The Emmy awards show aired last night and even though I didn't tune in,  I did a search and found a page on their site for Steven.  I was happy to find it.  I wish they'd add a summary and a photo of him.  Maybe they will eventually.   The page is for his nomination for the role of Jay Blackman in Seventh Avenue - 1977 (not pictured above).
He was such a stellar actor and deserved so much more in the way of nominations, recognition, and awards.  He truly loved the craft of acting and really poured himself into every role.  As a result, he is one of a select group who helped make 70s, 80s & 90s television far more thrilling and exciting.   That goes for his contributions to theater and movies as well.   

In a long ago post of mine, I awarded him an Oscar and an Emmy, for a few of his most noteworthy performances.  Of course all of his performances were amazing.

I realize awards and award shows don't matter to everyone but I'd still like to see this incredible actor get the credit he so deserves.
Anyway here is the link.


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