Monday, March 5, 2012

A very moving interview with Steven...

This article/interview entitled:  

"A Life as Intense as His Role"   
(April 8, 1977)

is a must read.  The link I'm going to post will charge you a few dollars to view it however, it does show the first few lines.  If you would like to read it free of charge  just go to any major library and ask for archived newspaper articles.  They'll either have them as actual newspapers in their collections or on microfilm.  This interview gives an in depth view of Steven (in his very own words) and I highly recommend it. It is however,  a very emotional read and I had tears in my eyes as I read certain parts of it. 

(Update: Someone told me that the online version of this interview has a lot of type o's and that a portion of it may be missing.  If that's the case, then I'd read it at a library on microfilm in order to get the entire interview)

Here is the link though:

Dearest Steven, 
You are a true inspiration to me and you always will be!

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