Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vietnam Veterans Day

Remembering all who served in Vietnam
Including Steven Paul Keats

Vietnam Veterans Day is this week.  Memorials and ceremonies are taking place everywhere giving these soldiers the Remembrance and Welcome Home they so deserved but did not get.  Those who were killed in combat and those still missing in action are also being paid tribute to -  along with the countless who survived and made it home but who still continue to suffer  the physical and/or psychological effects of the Vietnam War.  Also, since returning home from the Vietnam War, many of these men continue to end up as casualties of this war - even much later in life.

Its important to realize that its not about being pro or anti war.  Whats important is to not be anti veteran.  Soldiers don't declare war but they are the ones who suffer horrendous injuries and see horrors in combat (air or ground) that stay with them the rest of their lives..that is if they even made it home. Its time to give the soldiers from Vietnam the welcome home they deserve - and to also pay tribute to the ones who never made it back.   I've posted some links about this at my other blog. When you're there, just scroll down - or go to the sidebar and click under March 2012 .  (Update: 10/21/12 - I have since posted numerous blog posts on Vietnam Veterans on my other blog - I'll add a few of the newer links at the bottom of this post but please visit the other blog for the rest - there are just too many to refer to here).

Also, a few posts down from this one, there is a link to an interview from the 1970s with Steven that I posted where he briefly discusses his experience in Vietnam.  Its called, "A Life as Intense as His Role".   I'm also posting a few photos from some memorials taking place.

God bless ALL of our Veterans but lets take this week to remember the ones who were treated so poorly upon their arrival HOME and who were utlimately forgotten -- The Vietnam Vet

Paul Hardcastle's "19"

Here is an another article.  This can apply to any veteran of any war from any time 
Even 30 years after coming home

Click here to read:

Update -Two links someone kindly emailed to me:

Updated two more links:  10/21/12

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