Saturday, May 4, 2013


This coming week, on May 8th, it will be nineteen years since Steven has been gone.  I just wanted to re-share a quote I posted here long ago because it makes me think of him.  It's from a book by Ruth Fishel called, 'Hang in Til the Miracle Happens'.  She dedicates the book to her late son with these heartfelt words:

"To my dear, loving, generous and much talented son, Bob Fishel (1963-1992) who could not wait for the next miracle. May your pain be transformed into healing energy for all of those who still suffer on this earth."

I'd also like to share a link to a book called:  Truth be Told:  A Memoir on Success, Suicide & Survival....

And to Steven, 
You are really missed and loved by your fans.  I hope the future brings more out on you - articles, a documentary-biography,  interviews,  rare photos,  performance footage & perhaps even a book. Then you will be truly memorialized - you deserve it!  May God bless you and all who love you.

I'll end here with a song on Hollywood called Celluloid Heroes:

Steven Keats
Sunrise 1945 - Sunset 1994 

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