Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reading between the lines (Deeper into you)

I was reading the side notes you wrote
in some of your donated scripts
touching & tracing all the pages you once felt
with my fingertips

movies, plays and TV shows
going back many years before
some to a time when I was only five or six
in 1973 and 74 

folded over page corners 
and rusted paperclips
still holding your place after all these years
in packed away Hollywood scripts

while fanning through the pages
of a script from one of the plays
I suddenly stop and randomly land on two words
buried in the center of one full page

"Hi Kathy"

the two words had obviously been there 
throughout all these years
but I happened upon them by sheer chance
how lovely!
my eyes were filled with tears

and so I've been reading between the lines
from Death Wish, Flashdance & Shakespearean plays
cherishing each new precious find - gems!
and yearning for a long gone time and place

your side notes may only be glimpses
far between and few
but still they are some of the puzzle pieces
that make up the entire picture
and take me deeper into you


August 27, 2012

My own side note about Steven's side notes:  His notes show what a true professional he was and how much time, care and thought he put into creating each character. He made notes and asked questions about both the stories and the characters that I never would have thought of.  He's not only a great actor but a great example and teacher as well.  

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