Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Steven and a sweet silver lining

Since this is a dedication page for Steven, I don't make any posts about myself.  I save those for my personal blog 'OneMeditator'. In this case though, I'm gonna stray from that. 

On August 4, my storage unit was broken into and robbed. The thieves stole most everything I ever owned - including my guitar, camcorder containing all of my music videos and photos, boxes containing every single CD, DVD and VHS tape that I had ever owned, TV, VCR/DVD player, radios, CD players, personal family photos, boxes of banking info and personal journals, etc.  You name it, they took it - and cleaned me out good.  They ransacked the entire unit and left it in ruins leaving only a heap of a mess.  This last week and a half, I've been going through what was left.  At the bottom of it all, I found a silver lining having to do with Steven.  

I have always kept Steven's movies & TV shows (VHS & DVDs) in a big bag separate from all of the others.  I also kept the journals and notebooks I wrote about him in, in a bag separate from the others as well.  I found those two bags underneath the huge mess a couple of days ago!  Like I said, the thieves stole every DVD and VHS I'd ever owned - save Stevens!  All of my notebooks are gone - save Stevens.   Also left behind and sitting on the storage floor, was one of the two shiny pennies I'd found a day after having two vivid dreams of him a while back.  The penny was on the storage floor right in the center of it all.  

Nothing I owned having to do with Steven, was stolen!  It was somehow missed and overlooked. 

A lovely silver lining in light of what happened.  This find meant a lot to me since Steven lifts my spirits, inspires me and makes me feel happy. I can't explain the connection I feel to him but its a river that runs deep and so I just wanted to share this here on his blog. 

Sometimes in the center of something dark and devastating, a ray of light can shine though.  This was one of those instances.  A sweet silver lining involving Steven Keats.

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